NRS offers customized solutions to asset managers and asset owners.

NRS combines an unmatched blend of in-depth ERISA expertise, outstanding client service, and proprietary technology to deliver services and solutions to the institutional marketplace.

Asset Owners

Retirement Asset Services

  • Corporate Plans
  • Master Trusts

Non-Profit Asset Services

  • Endowment & Foundation
  • Government Plans
  • Municipality Plans
  • Faith-Based Organizations

Asset Managers

Transfer Agency Services

  • Non-Registered Funds
  • Master/Feeder Funds

GTC Fiduciary Services

  • Collective Investment Trusts
  • Group Trusts
  • Directed Trustee Services

We offer a range of services to asset owners and asset managers including:

  • Calculation & Administration of Management Fees
  • Calculation of Time-Weighted Rate of Return (TWRR) or Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for fund and investor level performance
  • Calculation of performance fees and manage hurdles and high water marks
  • Client onboarding including KYC and AML administration
  • Collective Investment Trusts (US only)
  • Discretionary 3(38) and OCIO Support
  • Fully Integrated Custodial and Trust Platforms
  • Institutional Transfer Agency Services
  • NSCC Connectivity
  • Custom Target Date Funds/Fund of Funds Administration
    • Investment Manager Trading
    • Dynamic Rebalancing Module
    • Dynamic Daily Participant Cash Flow Allocations
  • Master Trust Plan Accounting
  • Online Client Portal Access
  • Support of Annual Financial Regulatory and Reporting Requirements
  • Unitization and Multi-fee-class Administration
  • Unitized Accounting for Endowment Administration
  • UPMIFA Reporting