A large Fortune 500 company decided to introduce custom target date funds and fund-of funds to its portfolio for their customers. The firm had both DB/DC plans and wanted to simplify its DC plan structure for participants.


  • Ability to allocate participant activity by asset classes and underlying managers
  • Change glide path and allocations periodically
  • Allocate to liquid asset classes only and periodically allocate to non-liquid classes
  • Receive recordkeeper trade details on a daily basis and place trades same day so there is no out of market issues
  • Straight-through processing with confirmations back to recordkeeper and plan custodian
  • Seemless integration and the ability to change managers and adjust structure with no impact to participants

NRS Solution

Using a consultative, collaborative approach, our team helped the client implement our platform's target date fund/fund-of-funds solution with confirmations to recordkeeper, plan custodian and investment manager. We developed and delivered a customer-centric technology solution with straight-through processing capability.


NRS helped the company gain efficiencies and reduce costs by creating a tailored solution the trading activity across the aggregated DB/DC plan assets. The client was able to focus on design and implementation of the asset allocation, glide path and managers best suited for their plan without worry of any operational constraints to achieve the desired structure.


  • Leading-edge technology
  • Consultative approach
  • Professional services expertise